Galaxy S4 Active tips and tricks

The S4 Active is the additional outgoing sibling to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4, so we have a few great Galaxy S4 Active tips and tricks to keep you busy. it doesn’t mind a dip or 2, tho’ it’s going to not be as rugged as individuals imagine. investigate our Galaxy S4 Active problems roundup for the lowdown on just how waterproof it extremely is. problems aside, this can be an excellent smartphone and it’s completely packed with excellent options to create your life easier.

If you’re hoping to create the most out of your new GS4 Active, you won’t be thwarted, however before we tend to get into it, you’ll realize that our Galaxy S4 tips article is filled with relevant advice on everything, from exploitation gestures, to setting ringtones and notification sounds. we tend to won’t cover the same ground here, however several of those S4 Active tips can work equally well for the quality S4 Active. Unfortunatly these tips and tricks for the Galaxy s4 active are not available in the galaxy s4 active manual so we have a few below.

Galaxy S4 Active tips and tricks
Galaxy S4 Active tips and tricks

Galaxy S4 Active tips and tricks

How to take a screenshot

You can hold down the power key and also the Home button along and a screenshot are going to be taken. You’ll realize it within the Gallery under Screenshots.

You can conjointly use your palm to swipe to require a screenshot. Hit the Menu button and visit Settings > My device > Motions and gestures > Palm motion and switch it on, then flip Capture screen to on in addition. currently you’ll swipe your palm across the screen to require a screenshot.

How to customise the LED indicator

Another great Galaxy S4 Active tips and tricks , Press the Menu button and visit Settings then select the My device tab and LED indicator to see the default settings for the LED on your S4 Active.

You can gain more management over the LED indicator by exploitation an app like light Flow, or light Manager, however you’ll ought to root your phone if you wish it to work with certain apps.

How to access and edit fast Settings

If you drag the notification shade down with 2 fingers, rather than simply using one, you may get the complete fast Settings panel that has all varieties of choices (four rows of them). you’ll bit and hold an icon to go straight to that Settings menu. you’ll also access the complete line-up by clicking the icon at the highest right of the notification shade. you’ll change what seems here by default. click the edit icon at the top right to access the Notification panel so click and drag to re-order your icons.

How to set a Wi-Fi timer

Why use data when you don’t have to? Well, lots of individuals forget to connect to Wi-Fi. If you recognize you’ll be home or at work between certain hours then the Wi-Fi timer feature may prove handy. If you click the Menu button then you’ll get in Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Wi-Fi Timer and choose the hours between that your S4 Active ought to try to hook up with available Wi-Fi networks. Hope you enjoy these Galaxy S4 Active tips and tricks.

How to access the camera from the lock screen

Quick access to the camera permits you to capture those precious moments as they happen. you’ll change access to the camera from your S4 Active lock screen by clicking the Menu button and selectting Settings > My device > Lock screen > Lock screen widgets and slide Favorite apps or Camera to ON then click Favorite apps or Camera and select Camera. the only draw back is that you just won’t be ready to use a PIN to unlock your phone any longer.

Afew more Galaxy S4 Active tips and tricks

How to customise call answering and ending

Do you fumble for the touchscreen option to answer a call or notice it annoying searching for call decision searching for the end call once the touchscreen has gone to sleep? Well, you’ll tweak these settings to fit your desires. visit Settings > My device > call > Answering/Ending calls and you’ll set the home button to answer calls and also the Power key to end calls. You’ll conjointly realize voice control options, therefore you may say “Answer” or “Reject” for hands-free operation.

How to automatically screen calls and messages

If you wish to block calls and messages at certain times of the day or night it’s simple to do, however with obstruction mode will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} also specify a whitelist of special contacts who can invariably get through. visit Settings > My device and switch blocking mode to ON then click on that and judge what you wish to block, once you wish to block them, and add contacts to your Allowed contact list.

How to boost battery life

If you click the Menu button and visit Settings > My device you’ll see a power saving mode choice that you’ll activate it. click on that to seek out out precisely what it does and tweak the individual settings for CPU, screen, and haptic feedback.

You can in addition check Settings > more > Battery to find out what’s eating your power. it’d be an honest idea to disable or uninstall apps that you just don’t want, if they’re using power. you’ll try this via the application manager that is additionally under Settings > more.

Check out the way to create your smartphone battery last longer for additional general tips.

How to edit or get rid of Multi-Window sidebar

You might notice a tab on the left aspect of the screen that parades your Multi-Window choices. These ar tiny apps that may run on prime of no matter else you’re doing. faucet on one to load it full screen or faucet and hold so drag it onto the screen to open atiny low windowed version.

You can bring the tab up by long pressing the back button to induce remove or it, as well. you’ll change the Multi-Window feature within the quick Settings menu once you pull down the notification shade. to maneuver the tab, simply click and hold on that, so drag it elsewhere on your screen. To edit what seems in it, scroll all the way down to the lowest and opt for Edit.

That’s all of our Galaxy S4 Active tips and tricks for now, however if you’ve got another tip or trick to share then please post it within the comments.